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10 Questions to Ask Yourself if You Suspect You are Addicted to Opiates

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According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, opiates and opioids are some of the most addictive substances you can come across. Unfortunately, you can be addicted and not know that you are. Most people are blind to their own addictions or do not want to admit they are addicted, not even to themselves. If you suspect you are addicted to opiates, there are some questions you can ask yourself to verify your addiction.

1. Have your Friends or Relatives asked you to Stop Using?

Sometimes your friends and relatives notice your addiction before you do. When your loved ones start asking you to stop using the drug it may be a good idea to find help.

2. Do you Need to Take Opiates to Feel Normal?

If you need to take a drug to help you feel normal or get through the day, there is a definite problem. This does not include if you suffer from chronic pain and you take the opiates as your doctor prescribed them.

3. Have you Tried to Stop Taking the Opiate and Failed?

Questions to Ask Yourself

Experiencing anxiety when your opiate supply is low is a sign of addiction.

Trying to quit and failing is a sure sign that you have a problem with opiates, regardless of the reason for your failure. This is an indication that you are addicted and cannot quit on your own.

4. Do you Need More and More of it to Achieve the Same Result?

This is called becoming tolerant to the drug. Many addicts find they need to take more to achieve the same high they did originally.

5. Do you Feel Guilty about your Opiate Use?

Feelings of guilt are an indication that there is a problem with your opiate use. If you feel like you are doing something wrong, you probably are.

6. Do you get Anxious when you Start to Run Out of the Drug?

Getting anxious when you start to run out of the drug is a good sign that you are addicted. This anxiety might be the start of withdrawal or it could be the fear of going through withdrawal.

7. Have you Hurt Someone you Love Because you were High?

Many drug addicts begin to hurt the people they love through their addiction. This can be because of the drug or because of withdrawal.

8. Are your Finances being Hurt by Your Drug Use?

Drugs cost a great deal of money. If your using money that you need for bills or housing to buy drugs you probably are addicted to the drug.

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9. Are you Having Trouble Holding a Job Because of Your Use?

Job loss or frequent job changes is one of the key indicators of drug addiction. Most people who have job issues due to drugs change jobs often.

10. Do you Know where to go for Addiction Help?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you need to know where to go for help. Call us at 800-429-5210 (Who Answers?). We can help you find the treatment that you need.

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