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10 Things Your Heroin Dealer Will Not Tell You

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According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, heroin is one of the addictive drugs dealers sell. With all the focus on drug prevention, some people on the front lines of drug use are running their own campaign to keep you addicted. This is your dealer. Your friend who supplies the drugs does not tell you everything.

1. That He or She is Not Your Friend

They are your dealer not your friend. They do not come over or invite you over just to hang out. They are a salesman. They want to make money off you, they do not want to be your friend.

2. They are Using You for Profit

Again, they are selling something and you are buying, even though they will not directly state this you are a sale to them.

3. What They Cut the Drug with to Make it More Profitable

Your Heroin Dealer

A heroin dealer may treat you like a friend, but they only care about your money.

Drug dealers cut their drugs with a variety of substances and sometimes depending on who you are they don’t care what. As long as it looks about right and it doesn’t kill you, they’ve probably put it in your heroin.

4. Who Used that Needle Before You

When you shoot up at their house, they will not mention who used that dirty needle before you. Incidentally, they also won’t mention if they have HIV or Hepatitis either.

5. They Don’t Know Where the Drugs Came From Either

Many drug dealers don’t know where their drugs came from or what they were cut with before they got the heroin. They don’t usually care as long as it is salable.

6. That they will Turn you in to Law Enforcement to Save their Own Skin

A heroin dealer will turn on their clients and other dealers if they get into trouble with the law. Although this is bad business, they still do it to keep out of trouble and keep selling.

7. That They Secretly Hate You

Good heroin dealers are not heroin addicts. In fact most of them hate heroin addicts but they love your money.

8. They Don’t Care if you Overdose as Long as you Do Not do it in Their House

Although overdose is bad for repeat business, they really do not care if you do it as long as they can’t be implicated in your death. The only loss to them is the sale you provided.

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9. When You Need Help for Your Addiction

They are your drug dealer not your bartender. They will not cut you off when you have had enough. They will not tell you that you are on the path to overdose, nor will they causally mention treatment.

10. How to Find Treatment

A heroin dealer does not want you to get treatment and therefore will often tell people about how horrible treatment is. The truth about treatment is bad for business. They won’t mention that you can call 800-429-5210 (Who Answers?) and find the treatment that you need to get off heroin once and for all.

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