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Tips for Choosing the Right Opium Addiction Treatment Center for You

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When you decide to attend opium addiction treatment, you should take certain steps to ensure that the treatment center you choose is the right one. According to the NIDA, “no single treatment is appropriate for everyone.” Here are some tips for choosing the right opium addiction treatment center for you.

Choosing Between Outpatient Treatment and Inpatient Treatment

Most opium addiction treatment centers are either outpatient or inpatient based. Outpatient centers allow individuals to come and go from the center, receiving treatment and being able to continue their daily lives around it. Inpatient treatment provides 24-hour care for individuals who need a controlled environment and who, often, have more severe addictions.

According to a study from the NCBI, “Patients with high psychiatric severity and/or a poor social support system are predicted to have a better outcome in inpatient treatment.” This means that if you are suffering from multiple addictions or other mental disorders like depression or bipolar disorder, you may want to choose inpatient care. If you have no support system at home, inpatient treatment may also be a good choice for you. However, if these do not apply to your situation, outpatient treatment may be a better fit, especially because opium withdrawal is not usually life-threatening.

Knowing Your Budget

opium treatment cost

Consider your budget before choosing a treatment facility.

Treatment does usually have a cost, although there are some free and low-cost drug addiction treatment facilities. Inpatient treatment is often more expensive than outpatient treatment, so unless you really need the former, it might be easier for you to find a cheaper outpatient center.

Knowing what you can spend on treatment is important. You will want to have a plan for your finances as well as your treatment in general. In the case of many opium addicts, long-term abuse can lead to financial problems, causing individuals going into treatment to often be not well off financially. If you know what you can spend, though, and look for a treatment center within your budget, you can find the right center for you. Search SAMHSA‘s treatment services locator and find a facility in your price range.

Consider All Your Needs

According to the NIDA, “Effective treatment attends to multiple needs of the individual, not just his or her drug abuse.” This means that whatever your needs are, they should be taken into account in your treatment. You may have needs as well that don’t have anything to do with your abuse, but you should still take them into account. For example, you may want to stay in school during treatment, and an outpatient facility can help you meet that need. Or you may want to work on your relationship with your family while attending treatment, and a facility with family counseling would be a preferable option to you.

Remember, as the patient, your needs are those which matter the most, and not all of them revolve around your abuse. You should feel comfortable, safe, and relaxed in your treatment environment. And, if you do start to feel that you have chosen the wrong facility or the wrong treatment program remember that “an individual’s treatment and services plan must be assessed continually and modified as necessary.”

Where do calls go?

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Our helpline is offered at no cost to you and carries no obligation to enter into treatment. No commission or other fee is ever paid to that is dependent upon whether you enter treatment, or which treatment provider you ultimately choose.

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