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Why Hobbies are Important Tools for Opiate Addiction Recovery

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According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, it is not enough that you simply get over the physical part of addiction. You need to develop a lifestyle that fosters recovery. One way to do this is to keep active. Many stress free activities can hold your interest. Most of these activities are low cost or free. By developing your interests and hobbies, you can keep yourself busy.

What Exactly is a Hobby?

A hobby is something that people do for pleasure. They are not usually done as a job but some hobbies can be made into an occupation if you choose. It is just an activity that you take pleasure in doing and passes the time. The elements of a good hobby are:

  • Provides pleasure
  • Provides a distraction
  • Is obtainable
  • Is calming
  • Occupies the mind, body or both

Most successful hobbies contain all of these elements. A good hobby makes you comfortable, calm, and peaceful. It distracts your mind or encourages to get out and exercise.

Hobbies do not have to be expensive or particularly time consuming. It only needs to be something comforting that you can turn to when you need a stress free activity.

What Kind of Hobbies are There?

Hobbies are Important

Reading is a popular hobby that many find relaxing and an effective distraction from cravings.

There are physical hobbies, mental hobbies, and ones that combine both elements. Many hobbies are things that are easily done alone or with others. Some hobbies are useful while others are purely for pleasure. A few suggestions on hobbies are:

  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Crocheting
  • Collecting things
  • Research
  • Playing sports

Trying new things can help you discover which hobbies you enjoy and which you do not. Many people find that trying new things is the best way to find a good hobby and further their recovery.

How does having a Hobby Help your Recovery?

Most hobbies are helpful due to their ability to distract and reduce stress. They also have an added benefit when it comes to opiate recovery. When you are an addict much of your time is spent acquiring drugs and using them. Many people use drugs to avoid being bored.

Boredom often causes relapse. With a hobby, particularly one that you can do any time, you do not have to worry about being bored. Many people who have hobbies that they can do anywhere use them to defeat cravings and other problems that lead to relapse.

How to Choose a Hobby

Choosing a hobby is not difficult. Most people have something that they enjoy doing. If you do not already have something try something new. Try everything that you can find until you find something that makes you happy. There are thousands of hobbies out there and thousands of hobby websites available.

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What to do if the Hobby Stops Working to Prevent Relapse

If you find that your hobby isn’t stopping your cravings or helping you to remain calm during stressful situations, it might be time to get some help. We can find you the help that you need. Call us at 800-429-5210 (Who Answers?).

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