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15 of the Best Reasons to Seek Treatment for Heroin Addiction

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According to the Centers for Disease Control, deaths due to heroin are now reaching epidemic proportions. Fortunately, addiction to this deadly drug is highly treatable with medication, counseling, and therapy. There are many very good reasons to seek treatment for heroin addiction.

1. It is Highly Addictive

Heroin is one of the most addictive substances known. So much so, that many people are addicted after only one use.

2. You can End up with Secondary Infections

Whether it is HIV or hepatitis from sharing needles, or tooth and gum infections and lung disease from smoking it, heroin causes many secondary health problems.

3. It is Easy to Overdose

Pure heroine is so highly toxic that the chances of surviving a dose of it are very slim. So, dealers have to cut the heroin and often use other chemicals that are only marginally less fatal. Plus, it is easy to become tolerant to, meaning you need more and more to get high. This is a common cause of overdose.

4. Treatment can Prevent Severe Withdrawal Symptoms

Treatment for Heroin Addiction

Without treatment, you could lose your family and your job.

The symptoms of withdrawal are dangerous and very unpleasant. They include cramps, physical sickness, insomnia, and joint pain, and occur for long periods of time and at an extreme level. Treatment lessens or eliminates these symptoms.

5. You can Lose your Family

While on heroin you will ignore or hurt those around you, including your family. Heroin destroys more than just the user, it destroys everyone around them, too.

6. You will Lose your Job

Heroin damages your ability to function, making it impossible to maintain employment. Not to mention legal problems associated with heroin use that damage your employability.

7. You will Stop Caring About Everything

Heroin takes over your life. The addiction to it is so powerful that you will gladly give up anything for more heroin. Treatment eliminates this problem.

8. You Cannot Stop on your Own without Relapsing

It is all but impossible to quit heroin without treatment. The chances of avoiding a relapse are even less likely without treatment.

9. Treatment can Keep you Comfortable During Withdrawal

Heroin treatment lessens or eliminates the unpleasant side effects of withdrawal, and helps you remain comfortable.

10. Treatment can help Keep you from Relapsing

People that seek treatment for heroin addiction are far more likely to avoid future relapse than people that attempt to quit without treatment.

11. Counselors will be Available to Help you Discover the Cause of the Addiction

Treating the cause of addiction is far more effective than treating the addiction itself. Heroin treatment meets this need.

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12. You can Develop a Support Structure

Heroin treatment allows you to build a network of doctors, counselors, friends, and family that support your recovery, and act as a security measure to make sure you maintain sobriety.

13. You can Find People Like Yourself

In treatment, you’ll be around other people that are in the same situation you are. This further grows your support network, and increases your chances of recovery.

14. Your Health will Decline

Heroin is very destructive to all of the major organs of the body. This includes the heart, brain, liver, and kidneys. Repetitive use does more and more damage much of it irreversible.

15. Treatment for Heroin Addiction is Easy to Find

You can find treatment for heroin addiction simply by calling 877-743-0081 (Who Answers?). We can help you find the treatment you need to overcome your heroin addiction.

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