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Is Opium Addiction Treatable?

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Like all other types of opioid addiction syndromes, opium addiction is treatable with the help of healthcare professionals and evidence-based methods. If you want to find rehab centers where you can be treated for opium abuse, call 877-743-0081 (Who Answers?) now.

Opium and Its Addiction Syndrome

According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, “Opium is a highly addictive non-synthetic narcotic that is extracted from the poppy plant, Papaver somniferum.” When a person abuses this drug often and in high doses, addiction is an extremely likely result.

The drug occupies the opioid receptors in the brain and body, causing a reduction of pain and the feeling of euphoria. Over time, the mind will begin to crave this effect, and the individual will no longer have control over their substance abuse.

The addiction syndrome associated with opium is very dangerous for a number of reasons.

  • It can cause severe and deadly overdose as a result of the respiratory depression caused by abusing high doses of the drug.
  • Polydrug abuse is very common among opium users, increasing the chances for addiction and deadly effects.
  • Users will often turn to heroin over time because it is easier to obtain and cheaper, which often creates even more harmful results.

Still, opium addiction can be treated, much in the same way that other opioid addiction syndromes are.

How is Opium Addiction Treated?

Opium Addiction Treatable

Behavioral therapies help patients recognize and avoid triggers.

As stated by the NIDA, the options used for treating opium abuse disorders “are drawn from research on the treatment of heroin addiction.” These approaches are all highly evidence based and are officially sanctioned to treat the effects of abusing opioid drugs.


  • The medications used to treat opium addiction include naltrexone, methadone, and buprenorphine. The former drug is an opioid antagonist that blocks opioids from activating receptors and precipitates withdrawal in anyone still dependent on these drugs. The latter medications can be used during medically assisted withdrawal or during maintenance treatment, which is maintains patients on safe doses of the drug as they navigate their recoveries.

Behavioral therapies

  • Behavioral therapies are commonly used to treat addiction and are well known for their benefits in recovery. A person can learn to change the way they think about their substance use through these programs as well as
    • Control their cravings
    • Cope with stress
    • Cope with co-occurring mental disorders
    • Recognize and avoid triggers
    • Practice better life skills

Depending on the facility you choose, you may receive other options as part of your overall opium addiction treatment program. However, these are the most commonly used treatment options for this issue.

Professional Rehab Works

If you have been abusing opium for a long time or in large doses, it is time to seek treatment. You may feel that you are unable to control your use of this dangerous drug, but with professional rehab treatment, you can make a real change in your life and end your opium abuse. Call 877-743-0081 (Who Answers?) to find rehab centers that will cater to your needs.

Holistic Methods of Opium Treatment for Addiction

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